“We leveraged Jampp’s platform for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting to ensure we were engaging our customers along the entire user journey. Jampp brought quality and volume through its always-advancing platform and data-driven logic. This has been the perfect combination to support us in reaching our main goal, constant and healthy growth.”

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Industry First Features:

Video Ads Builder

Geolocated Ads

Create mobile-first video ads that use your existing photo and image assets, text overlays and brand materials automatically.

Show your users the options that are available and relevant given their specific location, on both User Acquisition and App Retargeting campaigns.

Always-on Lift Measurement

Measure your campaigns’ incremental performance at any given time, without the need to stop other activity and at no extra cost.

“As a performance-driven marketing organization, we value retargeting partners that allow us to test rigorously. With Jampp, I have the ability to run as many custom AB tests as I want, with a responsive team that ensures a quick set-up and delivers granular insights.”
Chris Del Bene
Sr Growth Marketing Associate at Ibotta
Athina Sofou
Digital Media Specialist at Beat

Jampp unlocks programmatic advertising to drive incremental performance.



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Incremental App User Acquisition & Retargeting

Jampp’s platform combines app user acquisition and app retargeting to accelerate growth across the entire customer lifecycle. Unlock new growth today.

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What are the benefits of App Retargeting?

Incremental revenue

Increased app adoption & retention

Competitive advantage

App Retargeting gives mobile marketers the opportunity to re-activate existing customers, taking users back to the app to increase usage and maximize campaign ROI.

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Full cycle app marketing

Real-time lift measurement

Better than in-house

All the good things that come with an in-house programmatic setup like transparency, customized bidding, insights and pricing control without the hassle of hiring and training a team.

Measure lift continuously and at no extra cost, to understand the true incremental value of each impression for both User Acquisition and App Retargeting.

Whether you seek to open up new territories or dramatically increase orders, our products combine seamlessly to meet your business needs, from discovery to re-engagement.